Mr M & Revelation – Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze)

Nigerian gospel artist Mr M & Revelation continues to inspire and uplift with their latest release, “Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze).” This new track showcases their signature blend of heartfelt worship and vibrant praise, celebrating the goodness and majesty of God. “Idimma,” which translates to “You Are Good,” is a melodic testament to the unwavering faith and gratitude that define their music. With its captivating harmonies and powerful lyrics, the song invites listeners to reflect on God’s enduring faithfulness and sovereignty, solidifying Mr M & Revelation’s place as a leading voice in contemporary gospel music.

Following the success of their previous hit, “God Is On My Matter (EL-ROI),” Mr M & Revelation continue to resonate deeply with their audience through “Idimma.” The group’s ability to craft songs that are both spiritually profound and musically engaging has earned them a dedicated following. Their Nigerian heritage shines through in their music, infusing each track with rich cultural elements that enhance their universal message of hope and devotion. As they release “Idimma,” Mr M & Revelation once again affirm their commitment to spreading the gospel through their dynamic and soul-stirring sound.

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Video: Mr M & Revelation – Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze)


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