Newly Married Gospel Singer, Neon Adejo Reveals Why His Fellow Colleagues Celebrate Their Spouse Loudly

Gospel minister Neon Adejo recently shared a thought-provoking perspective on marriage, shedding light on the motivations behind publicly celebrating one’s spouse. In a society where negative perceptions of marriage abound, Adejo’s words resonate deeply, challenging the prevailing narrative and emphasizing the importance of countering misconceptions with positivity and affirmation. By vocalizing affection and admiration for their spouses in public forums, individuals like Adejo aim to defy stereotypes and promote a culture of love, respect, and honor within marital relationships.

Adejo’s insight serves as a powerful reminder that the way we celebrate our spouses publicly is not driven by a desire to boast or flaunt, but rather to combat the pervasive negativity surrounding marriage. By highlighting the beauty and joy found in partnership, Adejo and others seek to inspire hope and confidence in the institution of marriage, both for those within it and for those who may be hesitant or doubtful. In a world where cynicism often overshadows commitment, Adejo’s message encourages us to celebrate love loudly and proudly, reshaping perceptions and fostering a culture of appreciation and support for the sacred bond of marriage.

The Eze Ebube crooner wrote:

The reason some of us celebrate our spouse loudly and publicly is not because we want to make others uncomfortable or we only do it in public and not privately with them.

It’s simply because there’s a lot of negative perception of marriage out there and it’s disturbing.

Bad news everywhere
Divorce rates jumping high
Abusive marriages trending all around.

The devil is working tirelessly with the agenda to paint God’s beautiful concept of marriage as evil. He’s more involved in social media propaganda than you think.

Too many young people are scared anytime they hear marrrrrrrr😩.

Some have even given up on the whole idea of getting married.

Some got an entirely wrong picture of marriage from their parents.

But God is raising a generation of husbands that will love their wives as Christ loves the church and their wives will honor, respect and adore them more in reciprocation.

And we will be intentionally loud about our love for our wives or husbands so that others can see and know that there’s a Jesus way to approach love and marriage that works.

3 POWERS THAT SHAPES MEN; the power of seeing, hearing and confessing. This is how agendas are communicated. We must use these mediums to communicate the will of the father more.

The moment you are boxed, you are controlled.

And trust me, I’m referring to husbands who are inspired by the Holy Spirit, not those beer parlor, physically abusive, unnecessarily entitled husbands. I mean praying, consistent, smart working, global thinking, proficient husbands.

We are marvelously helped by God🙏

Written: Neon Adejo

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