Eben – I Will Wait

Renowned Nigerian gospel artist Eben has once again captivated the hearts of his listeners with his latest single, “I Will Wait.” Known for his powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Eben brings a message of patience and faith in this uplifting worship song. “I Will Wait” is a beautifully crafted anthem that encourages believers to trust in God’s timing, even amidst life’s uncertainties. The song’s soothing melody and Eben’s emotive delivery create an atmosphere of peace and reassurance, making it a perfect addition to any worship playlist. With this release, Eben continues to inspire and uplift his audience, reminding them of the importance of waiting on the Lord.

Following the success of his previous hit, “Prince of Peace,” Eben remains a significant figure in the gospel music scene, both in Nigeria and internationally. “Prince of Peace” showcased his ability to convey deep spiritual truths through music, and “I Will Wait” further cements his reputation as a dynamic and anointed worship leader. Eben’s music is characterized by its scriptural depth and emotional resonance, which resonates with listeners across various walks of life. As a Nigerian artist, Eben brings a rich cultural heritage to his music, blending contemporary sounds with traditional gospel elements. His unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel through his music continues to touch lives and inspire faith around the world.

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