Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals His Most Favorite Scripture In The Bible

Apostle Joshua Selman, a revered figure in the Christian community, recently shared an insightful revelation about his favorite Bible verse, Daniel 11:32. This verse, which states, “But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits,” holds profound significance for Selman, encapsulating the essence of his ministry and personal walk with God. Known for his deep spiritual insights and powerful teachings, Apostle Selman finds inspiration and strength in this scripture, which underscores the transformative power of knowing God intimately.

Apostle Selman’s choice of Daniel 11:32 as his favorite verse is a reflection of his commitment to empowering believers to deepen their relationship with God. He often emphasizes that true strength and the ability to achieve great things stem from a profound knowledge of the divine. This verse serves as a cornerstone in his teachings, encouraging Christians to seek a closer connection with God to unlock their full potential. By sharing this personal revelation, Apostle Selman continues to inspire many to pursue a life of spiritual strength and impactful exploits, grounded in a deep and abiding faith.

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