Apostle Jotham Bobai Adams – Power Packed Prayers For The Future

In a world filled with uncertainty and challenges, Apostle Jotham Bobai Adams, president of Shekinah Encounter Center, delivers a powerful sermon on the importance of praying for the future. With deep conviction and unwavering faith, Apostle Adams exhorts believers to harness the transformative power of prayer as they navigate the complexities of life ahead. Drawing from Jeremiah 29:11, he reminds his congregation that God has plans to prosper them and not to harm them, plans to give them hope and a future.

Through fervent intercession and fervid exhortation, Apostle Adams guides his listeners in crafting power-packed prayers for the future—prayers filled with faith, expectation, and alignment with God’s purposes. He encourages believers to boldly approach the throne of grace, casting their anxieties and uncertainties upon the Lord, and entrusting Him with their dreams, aspirations, and plans. As hearts are stirred and spirits are lifted, Apostle Adams instills within his congregation a renewed sense of hope and confidence in God’s faithfulness, empowering them to face the future with courage and assurance, knowing that their prayers have the power to shape their destinies and usher in God’s kingdom purposes.

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