Yadah – Father

Embracing the Unconditional Love of the Divine: Yadah’s “Father”

Yadah’s song “Father” is a heartfelt anthem that resonates with the profound love and grace of our Heavenly Father. In this simple yet powerful melody, Yadah captures the essence of a relationship built on trust, intimacy, and unwavering devotion.

With tender vocals and poignant lyrics, “Father” serves as a reminder of the unconditional love that surrounds us, even in our darkest moments. Through each verse, Yadah invites listeners into a place of vulnerability and surrender, where the burdens of life are lifted in the embrace of a loving Father.

At its core, “Father” is a song of redemption a declaration of freedom from fear and shame, and a celebration of the unbreakable bond between Creator and creation. As the music swells and the lyrics unfold, we are reminded of the sacred truth that we are deeply known and cherished by the One who formed us.

In a world marked by pain and uncertainty, “Father” offers solace and hope a gentle reminder that we are never alone, but always held in the arms of a loving Father. Through Yadah’s music, we are invited to experience the transformative power of divine love a love that heals, restores, and empowers us to live with purpose and passion.


Video: Yadah – Father

Lyrics: Yadah – Father

Oh oh fatherOh oh fatherOh oh fatherOh oh fatherYou are the best- better than ten thousands of menOh oh fatherOh oh father
So who am I that you’re so mindful of meOh who am I that your thoughts are always full of meWhile I was lost in my wrongs you sent your son to die for meOh oh Oh oh fatherOh oh father
My redeemer – the one who paid the debt I owedSee how you dug me out of the pit and made me wholeNow you called me your righteousnessWhile I am away your arms are open wideOh oh fatherOh oh father
Who dare loves like you doWho dare save like you doTell me who else loves like you doAnd who can saveYou’re the mighty deliverer – Better than ten thousands of menOh oh fatherOh oh father
A mother may leave her sucking childBut you are always always right here by meYour arms are always open wide – always ready to welcome us homeThere’s no father-ther-ther like youNo lover no lover like youOh oh fatherOh oh father
There are no words enough to describe the kind of father that you areEven wicked men give good gifts to their kids how much more you ohAnd you’ve called us your righteousness ohSee how much you love us ohOh oh fatherOh oh
You’re the one who gives every good and perfect giftYou’re the one who loves in a very perfect wayWords are not enough to describeHow much you love me ohIt’s a privilege to call you my fatherIt’s an honor to be loved by youOh oh fatherOh oh father
You are you are the bestYou are the bestIt’s a mistake to compare you with anyone elseYou are you are my bestYou are the best – better than ten thousands and millions of menOh oh fatherOh oh father

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