William Murphy – When I’m Weak

The multi-talented American gospel music singer, William Murphy, is out again with this beautiful music which he tags, as ‘When I’m Weak’.

American singer and songwriter, William Murphy, has just released a captivating new song titled “When I’m Weak”. This latest track is a testament to William Murphy’s incredible talent and serves as a follow-up to his previously released songs, which have already garnered a lot of attention from fans and critics alike.

The enchanting melody of “When I’m Weak” is the 13th track on William Murphy’s highly anticipated project, “Demonstrate (Deluxe Version)”, which consists of seventeen powerful tracks, showcasing the music duo, talent, and creativity in the American gospel music scene.

William Henry Murphy III, known professionally as William Murphy, is a celebrated gospel recording artist, songwriter, and pastor. Born on August 2, 1973, in Detroit, Michigan, Murphy was raised in a family deeply entrenched in the gospel music tradition. From a young age, he exhibited a remarkable talent for music, mastering multiple instruments and developing a passion for worship.


Video: William Murphy – When I’m Weak

Lyrics: William Murphy – When I’m Weak

I glory in my trouble
I will lift my head
I won’t be discouraged no
Cause when I’m sad he made me glad
Persecuted but not forsaken
Cast down but not destroyed, oh
Because when I’m weak
That’s when I am
That’s when he made me strong

I won’t fear tomorrow
I won’t fear none of my foes
I will stand in victory
Even though Lord
For you see on the outside, I might seem to parish, I might see the parish
But in my soul, in my mind, in my will in what I feel
I’m renewed everyday
Cause when I’m weak that’s when I, when I am strong

For I know no defeat
Said I know only love
Sometimes you got to say it till you see it
All is well, I declare, all is well, well
For when I’m weak (that’s when I’m at my best y’all) that’s when I am strong
For I know no defeat, said I cannot lose
I know only love, sing children
Now I declare
All is well
Everything is well, everything is well
All is well, well
For I’m weak, I’m weak, that’s when I am strong, strong
Cause when I’m weak, that’s when I am strong

I know no defeat
I know only love
All is well
All is well, well
For when I’m weak (somebody lift your hand, say) that’s when I am strong

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