William Murphy – Just Us ft Dr. Jamal Bryant

William Murphy an American gospel songster unveils this fascinating tune called, Just Us ft Dr. Jamal Bryant. Taken from his album, worship & Justice.

Talented American gospel music crooner known as, William Murphy drops this impressive tune called, Just Us ft Dr. Jamal Bryant. This mind-blowing soundtrack is really worth listening to. It was in the year 2022 that this song was released for public consumption.

Beyond his music, Murphy is known for his impactful ministry and leadership within the gospel community. Born in Detroit, he discovered his passion for music early on and has since become a prominent figure in worship, songwriting, and pastoral work. With a career spanning decades, Murphy’s ability to blend traditional gospel with contemporary sensibilities has earned him a devoted following.

It was William Murphy’s studio body of work called, Worship & Justice, that gave birth to this lovely track standing as track number 4. If you’re looking for a new song to add to your collection, look no further than “Just Us ft Dr. Jamal Bryant”. Listen, download, and share your thoughts with us below!


Video: William Murphy – Just Us ft Dr. Jamal Bryant

Lyrics: William Murphy – Just Us ft Dr. Jamal Bryant

Ever since we were in kindergarten
We were taught to recite, with our hands over our heart
That there would be liberty and justice for all
And here we are as adults, and we can’t find where is the justice

Justice means there is fairness
James Baldwin said for you to be black and conscious
You have to have a level of rage
Why is it not fair?

Why is it not fair that we can’t jog without being killed?
Why is it not fair that you can be in your bed in Louisville, Kentucky
And be killed like Breonna Taylor?

Why is it not fair that Eric Garner screamed out that he could not breathe?
Why is it not fair that Rodney King was beaten over and over again?
Why is it not fair that we found Freddie Gray killed under police custody?
It’s still not fair

And because we are believers
We’re not waiting on the White House
We’re not waiting on the Governor
We’re not waiting on the Mayor

God today, we’re not asking for fairness
We’re asking for favor
Because favor is a disadvantage when everybody else wants it to be fair
We understand that we can’t apologize for the favor of God
The favor of God is never fair

That’s why you live the way you live
Drive the way you drive
Eat the way you eat
They didn’t want it to be fair
But I thank God for His favor

And because of His favor
We shall overcome
Not someday, but today

And those of you that want the favor of God
Because life is unfair
Open up your mouth like you will overcome

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