William Murphy – God Chaser [Album]

Pursuing the Divine: Exploring William Murphy’s “God Chaser” Album.

William Murphy’s 2013 release, “God Chaser,” stands as a testament to the power of relentless faith and unwavering devotion. With 13 tracks that serve as both anthems of worship and declarations of spiritual hunger, this album is a journey of pursuit, longing, and encounter.

William Henry Murphy III, born on August 2, 1973, in Detroit, Michigan, is a luminary in the realm of gospel music. From a young age, Murphy exhibited an innate talent for music, honing his skills as a vocalist and instrumentalist. His journey in music led him to become a dynamic worship leader, songwriter, and pastor, with a deep-rooted commitment to spreading the message of hope and salvation.

“God Chaser” is more than just an album; it’s a spiritual journey—a call to pursue the heart of God with relentless abandon. From the opening track, “The Sound,” to the powerful anthem, “Ignite My Fire,” each song on the album is a declaration of surrender and longing, a cry for deeper intimacy with the divine.

Through its 13 tracks, Murphy invites listeners on a journey of spiritual discovery, encouraging them to chase after the heart of God with relentless passion and unwavering faith.

Tracklist: William Murphy – God Chaser

  1. God Chaser
  2. You Reign
  3. In Your Hands
  4. It’s Working
  5. Already Getting Better
  6. Higher
  7. Under My Feet (The Shout)
  8. Write a Song
  9. Nothing Can Take My Praise
  10. Praying For You
  11. Make Me Righteous
  12. Make Me Righteous (Reprise) [feat. Tasha Cobbs & DeVaughn Murphy]
  13. You Are My Strength

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