William Murphy – Another Yes (Intro)

William Murphy an American gospel songster unveils this fascinating tune called, Another Yes (Intro). Taken from his album, worship & Justice.

Talented American gospel music crooner known as, William Murphy drops this impressive tune called, Another Yes (Intro). This mind-blowing soundtrack is really worth listening to. It was in the year 2022 that this song was released for public consumption.

Beyond his music, Murphy is known for his impactful ministry and leadership within the gospel community. Born in Detroit, he discovered his passion for music early on and has since become a prominent figure in worship, songwriting, and pastoral work. With a career spanning decades, Murphy’s ability to blend traditional gospel with contemporary sensibilities has earned him a devoted following.

It was William Murphy’s studio body of work called, Worship & Justice, that gave birth to this lovely track standing as track number 9. If you’re looking for a new song to add to your collection, look no further than “Another Yes (Intro)”. Listen, download, and share your thoughts with us below!


Video: William Murphy – Another Yes (Intro)

Lyrics: William Murphy – Another Yes (Intro)

A few years ago we sang a song
My grandaddy came up and sang it
It was a one-word song
How many can testify
Sometimes all God is waiting on is one word

Tonight we came to declare there’s another yes in my soul
Somebody throw your hands up and just say yes Lord
I want you to say it until you feel Him responding (Yes, yes)
Say it until you own it
Say it until it becomes your yes
That’s all He’s waiting on is a yes

Bishop Johnson, God said to me every miracle begins with a yes
Your miracle is in this house tonight but God requires

Dr. Bryant, we’re not in the last dispensation
We’re in a new dispensation
This new dispensation requires another yes

Wave your hands one more time
Just say Yes Lord
Yes Lord
I need you to say it until you own it
Say it until you feel God responding

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