Tye Tribbett – You Alone

Unveiling the Soul-Stirring Depths of Tye Tribbett “You Alone”

What sets “You Alone” apart is not just its powerful message but also its musical brilliance. Tribbett masterfully weaves together elements of gospel, soul, and contemporary to create a sonic tapestry that is both dynamic and uplifting. From the infectious rhythms to the soul-stirring vocals, every aspect of the song is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing Tribbett remarkable talent as a musician and songwriter.

More than just a piece of music, “You Alone” has the power to ignite a spiritual awakening in those who listen. With its stirring lyrics and impassioned delivery, the song serves as a catalyst for personal reflection and renewal of faith. It speaks to the soul in a language that transcends words, reminding us of the profound love and grace that flow from the divine.

Since its release, “You Alone” has left an indelible mark on the world of gospel music, inspiring countless individuals to deepen their connection with God. Its timeless message of love, hope, and redemption continues to resonate with listeners of all backgrounds, serving as a beacon of light in an often dark and troubled world. As part of Tye Tribbett’s illustrious body of work, the song stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel through the power of music.


Lyrics: Tye Tribbett – You Alone

Lord, we acknowledge You in all of our waysAnd in all things, we give You thanksFor You alone are worthy of all our praiseLet’s sing unto Him, “Awesome God”
Awesome God, You are (yes)Desire of all nationsBread of lifeSovereign one eternal
Elohim’, You are creatorEl Elyon, You are the most highRopheka, You’re our healerShammah, yes, You are present with us
There is no one else like YouJesus, You’re The Great I Am, we singWorthy is the Lamb (Hallelujah, worthy is the Lamb)Worthy is the Lamb (thank You, Jesus)
And you’re The Great I Am (You’re The Great I Am)First begotten of the dayYour name is Jesus (Jesus)The Lamb of God who was slain
Rohi, You’re my shepherdJireh, You’re our providerTsidkenu, my righteousnessEloheenu, hallelujah, You are the Lord, our God
There is no one else like You (yes, Lord)Jesus, You’re The Great I Am, we singWorthy is the Lamb (worthy, worthy, worthy)
Worthy is the Lamb (we lift our voice to You and sing)Worthy is the Lamb (worthy is the Lamb of God)Worthy is the Lamb (worthy is the Lamb)
Now, let’s raise our voice to the KingAnd let’s sing, “You Alone”
You alone are worthy of all praiseAnd I will bless Your nameIn You, I have all I ever needI live to give You thanks
For in His presence is fullness of joyAnd at His right hand are pleasures forevermoreWe worship You, oh, Ancient of DaysYou’re worthy, JesusHallelujah, hallelujahYes Lord, let’s join the angels in HeavenLet’s worship our King
You alone are worthy of all praise (yes, Lord)And I will bless Your name (hallelujah)In You, I have all I’ll ever needI live to give You thanks
We love You, JesusFor Your goodness and Your mercyWe give You thanksThank You, JesusMmm, if we had ten thousand tonguesWe still couldn’t say thank You enoughThank You, Jesus, thank You, JesusLet’s give Him thanksJust give Him thanks, mmm

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