Tye Tribbett – Immanuel

Rejoice in Reverence: Exploring Tye Tribbett “Immanuel”

An American music singer, songwriter Tye Tribbett, released a captivating song titled “Immanuel”. This enchanting track marks Tye Tribbett , makes the musical offering, adding to his impressive repertoire of previously released songs.

“Immanuel”, this song showcases Tye Tribbett exceptional talent and creativity. With each note and lyric, he effortlessly captivates listeners, taking them on a journey of love and self-discovery. The song is a must-have in your playlist.

In addition to Tye Tribbett mesmerizing vocals, Their contribution adds depth and dimension to the already impressive composition, creating a harmonious blend of their unique styles and talents.

To experience the magic of Tye Tribbett masterpiece, simply listen and download below. Let the sounds of “Immanuel” transport you to a world of pure musical bliss.


Video: Tye Tribbett – Immanuel

Lyrics: Tye Tribbett – Immanuel

Yeah, Our helper in troubleSo present (right there)We are never aloneOur FatherYou have called us Your ownAnd You sit on the throne
So mighty (mighty)And powerfulIn my weaknessYou are mercifulThere’s no place I could ever go (no, no, no)That You won’t know
ImmanuelImmanuelYou are ImmanuelThe Great I Am is God with usWe got the Lord wit us
We’re never alone ya’llNo, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, noWe are never alone
You lead usWhere’er we goJehovahYou are in controlAll Power is in Your handsThat’s why we danceWe got the victory
We won’t fearThe enemyThey come one waySeven ways they fleeWe always have the victoryYeah ’cause He’s here with me
ImmanuelMy God You areImmanuelOh God You areImmanuelYeah all powerful one isGod with us
One timeHands upSing it with meCome on
We got the Lord with usWe got the Lord with usWe got the Lord with usWe got the Lord with usWe got the Lord with usWe got the King with usHe’s everything to us
ImmanuelImmanuelImmanuelThe Sovereign one isGod with us
ImmanuelImmanuelImmanuelAll powerful one isGod with usMighty God He isGod with us
Our healer He isHere with usThe Holy one He isHere with usKing of Kings He isGod with usAlpha and Omega He isGod with us
The beginning and the end isHere with usThe first and the last isHere with usJehovah JirehGod with usAnd Jehovah Shalom isGod with us
The lion and the lamb is here with usHere with usThe first begotten son is here with usHere with usThe God of Abraham, Isaac and IsraelGod with usRuler of the heavens and the earthGod with us
Hey He is Jehovah RaphaHere with usJehovah NissiHere with usOh ElohimGod with usYahwehGod with us
ManuelImmanuelManuelWe got the Lord wit usImmanuel
ImmanuelWe got the King wit usImmanuelManuImmanuel
Yeah, You’re the Prince of PeaceAnd You’re here with us
You are the King andYour God with usYou are my everything Your God with us
Hey, eh, ehHe’ll never leave youHey, eh, ehHe’ll never leave youHallelujah
We love You GodAnd we celebrate You for being just who You areYou are Immanuel

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