Tye Tribbett – Beauty For Ashes (Live)

Exploring Tye Tribbett “Greater Than (Live)”

The most-talented American artist, Tye Tribbett’ back to cheer up his audience with this electrifying sound track labeled “Greater Than (Live)” which is now been served right here.

“Greater Than (Live)” is a beautiful and awesome remedy that was well composed and performed by the brilliant American songsmith, Tye Tribbett. This track will surely keep you well entertained when you take out your time to listen to it below on this music chart.


Video: Tye Tribbett’s – Beauty For Ashes (Live)

Lyrics: Tye Tribbett’s – Beauty For Ashes (Live)

I thought I would not make itMy mind, my strength, was goneEverything in my life came crashing downI felt so all aloneNow I’m looking at my life in broken piecesOh what, will I do nowI want to trust you but I just don’t know howAnd right before I threw in the towel
God turned itAnd gave meBeauty, for ashes
My storm would not move onMy nights, they lasted so longThere was, no sign of my morningI wanted to give up
But you wouldn’t let me beYou came and set me freeI came to you with my painAnd we made an exchange
God turned itAnd gave meBeauty, for ashesHe turned it (He turned it and gave me)Beauty for ashesGod turned itAnd gave meBeauty for ashes
He turned itHe turned itHe turned itHe turned itHe turned itAnd gave me, beauty for ashes
The worst thing in my whole lifeBecame the most beautiful thingThe most embarrassing thing that brought so much shameBecame the most beautiful thingAnd like a baby that’s born, all the pain and dirtBecame the most beautiful thingFor, he turned it

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