Tye Tribbett – All Things New

Rejoice in Reverence: Exploring Tye Tribbett’s “All Things New”

An American music singer, songwriter Tye Tribbett, released a captivating song titled “All Things New”. This enchanting track marks Tye Tribbett , makes the musical offering, adding to his impressive repertoire of previously released songs.

“All Things New”, this song showcases Tye Tribbett exceptional talent and creativity. With each note and lyric, he effortlessly captivates listeners, taking them on a journey of love and self-discovery. The song is a must-have in your playlist.

In addition to Tye Tribbett mesmerizing vocals, Their contribution adds depth and dimension to the already impressive composition, creating a harmonious blend of their unique styles and talents.

To experience the magic of Tye Tribbett masterpiece, simply listen and download below. Let the sounds of “All Things New” transport you to a world of pure musical bliss.


Lyrics: Tye Tribbett – All Things New

Old things have passed awayI am a new beingNothing remains the sameStarting over againYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Can you imagineAfter all that you’ve been throughThat there’s still so much more?You can’t even fathom‘Cause it’s looking like the endBut you’re just gettin’ startedDusting off the pastHealing from the pain, and I’m bringing Him the ashes‘Cause nothing’s ever wasted, it’s true
He makes all things new, wooHe makes all things new (you say)He makes all things newHe makes all things new
So glad He changed my nameI’ll never be the sameSince Jesus came my wayIt’s been a brand new day
I’m never going backI’m done with the world, you can, you can, you can have thatAnd everything that comes with itThe stress and the worry, man, go ahead, you can run with itI’d rather be a doorkeeperI’d rather serve the Lord’s peopleI surrendered all my old ways to You
And You made me new, woo, you sayHe makes all things new, eh!He makes all things new (He makes all things new) yeah, yeahHe makes all things new, woo, come on
He makes all things new(It don’t matter, matter) He makes all things new(So glad about it) He makes all things new(It doesn’t matter what it looks like) He makes all things new, eh(He gon’ make everything right) He makes all things new
Everything’s different nowYou make the difference nowLiving free, no longer boundHe makes all things newNothing remains the sameYou came and changed the gameLiving to live againHe makes all things new
Everything’s different now (everything’s different now)You make the difference now (You make the difference now)Living free, no longer bound (living free, no longer bound)He makes all things newNothing remains the same (nothing remains the same)You came and changed the game (You came and changed the game)Living to live again (living to live again)He makes all things new

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