Ron Kenoly – Ancient of Days

Ron Kenoly’s rendition of “Ancient of Days” stands as a profound testament to the timeless sovereignty and majesty of God. With his resonant vocals and reverent delivery, Kenoly captures the essence of divine supremacy and eternal glory. “Ancient of Days” transcends the boundaries of music; it becomes a sacred hymn of adoration, inviting listeners to join in exalting the name of the Lord.

As the majestic strains of “Ancient of Days” fill the air, listeners are enveloped in a sense of awe and reverence. Kenoly’s impassioned rendition and heartfelt portrayal of God’s eternal nature create an atmosphere of spiritual elevation, stirring hearts to acknowledge the greatness of the Ancient of Days. Through this captivating composition, Ron Kenoly inspires believers to lift their voices in praise, honoring the One who reigns forever and ever.

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Lyrics: Ron Kenoly – Ancient of Days

Blessing and honor, glory and power
Be unto the Ancient of Days
From every nation, all of creation
Bow before the Ancient of Days

Every tongue in heaven and earth shall declare Your glory
Every knee shall bow at Your throne in worship
You will be exalted, oh God
And Your kingdom shall not pass away
Oh, Ancient of Days

Your kingdom shall reign over all the earth
Sing unto the Ancient of Days
For none can compare to Your matchless worth
Sing unto the Ancient of Days

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