Ron Kenoly – A New Anointing

Ron Kenoly’s timeless anthem “A New Anointing” serves as a stirring call to spiritual renewal and empowerment. With his commanding vocals and fervent delivery, Kenoly ignites a fervor for a fresh outpouring of God’s anointing upon believers. “A New Anointing” resonates as more than just a song; it embodies a profound plea for divine intervention and transformation in the lives of worshippers.

As the resounding melodies of “A New Anointing” permeate the air, listeners are swept into a sacred space of reverence and anticipation. Kenoly’s impassioned rendition and poignant lyrics evoke a sense of expectancy, stirring hearts to seek a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit. Through this captivating composition, Ron Kenoly inspires believers to open their hearts to receive a fresh infilling of God’s power and presence, ushering in a season of revival and spiritual awakening.

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Lyrics: Ron Kenoly – A New Anointing

A new anointing for a new day
O Lord let it pour
A new anointing for a new day
To carry the glory of the Lord
To carry the glory of the Lord
The oil from yesterday has grown stale
And the strength that I once trusted in has failed
But Your fresh word has been spoken
And my proud heart has been broken
So once again I come behind the veil
Asking for

Holy fragrance sweet perfume
All consuming fire fill this room
No more living in yesterday’s grace
O Lord pour Your power
And Your passion or Your purposes today

To carry the glory of the Lord

A new anointing
We need a new anointing

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