Ntokozo Mbambo – Ngcwele Jehova

South African female gospel singer, Ntokozo Mbambo releases a new piece of music titled “Ngcwele Jehova”.

Thinking that it wasn’t enough, Ntokozo Mbambo dropped this interesting piece of music “Ngcwele Jehova” which would be highly accepted by her beautiful fan base. It was recorded and released in 2015 as one of the tracks off her live album with the name “Spirit and Life”.

“Spirit and Life” isn’t just an album; it’s a testament to Mbambo’s unwavering devotion to her craft and her deep-rooted connection to her faith. Each track is a tapestry woven with passion and reverence, showcasing Mbambo’s exceptional vocal prowess and her ability to evoke raw emotions with every note she sings. It is a special offering in which Ntokozo Mbambo put some hard work into reaching her fans’ satisfaction and expectations.

Coming to conclusion, the song “Ngcwele Jehova” is played as the 18th and one of the best tracks that will make you hit the replay button again and again… Listen and download it below!!!

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Video: Ntokozo Mbambo – Ngcwele Jehova

Lyrics: Ntokozo Mbambo – Ngcwele Jehova

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