Marvin Sapp – Close [Album]

Marvin Sapp’s “Close”: A Musical Journey Through Emotion and Faith.

Marvin Sapp, the renowned gospel artist, gifted the world with a soul-stirring masterpiece in 2017 with his album “Close.” This collection of 10 powerful tracks is not just a musical endeavor but a spiritual journey, touching hearts and souls with its emotive lyrics and stirring melodies. Let’s delve into the depth of each track, exploring the profound messages woven into the fabric of this remarkable album.

In “Close,” Marvin Sapp has crafted more than just an album; he has created a sacred space for listeners to encounter the presence of God. Through its powerful messages and soul-stirring melodies, this album serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who seek to draw closer to the heart of the Divine.

Tracklist: Marvin Sapp – Close

  1. Safe in You
  2. He Is
  3. Listen
  4. You and Me Together (feat. Erica Campbell & Izze Williams)
  5. Kind God
  6. Face to Face
  7. Carried Me
  8. All in Your Name
  9. Close
  10. Light the Way

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