Marvin Sapp – Christmas Card [Album]

“Singing Joy to the World: Unwrapping Marvin Sapp’s Christmas Album ‘Christmas Card'”.

In 2013, gospel music icon Marvin Sapp gifted the world with a timeless treasure, his Christmas album “Christmas Card.” Featuring thirteen tracks of soulful melodies and uplifting lyrics, “Christmas Card” is a musical journey that celebrates the true spirit of the season.

In a world filled with commercialism and hustle and bustle, Marvin Sapp’s “Christmas Card” serves as a reminder to slow down, savor the moment, and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Through its soulful melodies and uplifting lyrics, the album invites listeners to experience the joy, hope, and love that the season brings.

So as we gather with family and friends, let us join our voices with Marvin Sapp’s and sing joy to the world, celebrating the birth of our Savior with hearts full of gratitude and praise.

Tracklist: Marvin Sapp – Christmas Card

  1. Feels Real Good
  2. Christmas Card
  3. Home for Christmas (feat. Joe)
  4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
  5. What Child Is This? (feat. Commissioned)
  6. Joseph’s Song
  7. Honor the King (feat. Commissioned)
  8. Dance (Christmas Step)
  9. Love at Christmas
  10. Holy
  11. MaKaila’s Shout Out
  12. Thank You (feat. Sapp Kids)
  13. Don’t Get It Twisted

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