Margaret Inyang – You Alone Are Worthy

Margaret Inyang’s soul-stirring melody, “You Alone Are Worthy,” is a resounding testament to the majesty and sovereignty of God. With her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Inyang crafts a poignant anthem that exalts the greatness of the Almighty. “You Alone Are Worthy” transcends the realm of music; it becomes a sacred hymn of worship and adoration, inviting listeners to join in reverent praise to the King of kings.

The Akwa Ibom-born gospel music singer and songwriter, Margaret Inyang also known as MEGAWO emotive delivery and sincere expression of devotion create an atmosphere of reverence and awe, stirring hearts to acknowledge the unmatched worthiness of God. Through this captivating composition, Margaret Inyang inspires believers to lift their voices in unison, declaring the sovereign reign of the One who is truly worthy of all honor and praise.

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