Limoblaze – Hosanna

A brilliant US-based Nigerian gospel Afro-beat singer known as, Limoblaze delivers this song called, Hosanna.

We are happy to unlock this song to you dubbed, Hosanna, written, and recorded by US-based Nigerian gospel music singer, songwriter, and performer known as Limoblaze. It was his project, “Sunday In Lagos”, that gave birth to this excellent tune we have here.
Limoblaze, a Christian artist who grew up surrounded by Islamic influences, has been making waves in the music industry for years. With several albums under his belt, including “Before Now” (2018) and “God’s Favourite Baby” (2021), he’s known for his impressive flow and ability to weave faith into his music seamlessly.

However, “Sunday In Lagos” album by Limoblaze houses seven beautiful euphonies, written and well-formulated by Limoblaze, to keep his fans excited. All records presented in the album are so on point, that one can’t get tired of listening to them.


Video: Limoblaze – Hosanna

Lyrics: Limoblaze – Hosanna

I don’t need no reason
To jump and shout and screaming
Even the choir singing
Hallelujah (hallelujah)
Na me be this oh (eh)
I no deserve oh (deserve oh)
Omo my God dey bless oh (yeah)
Na so the thing go
Maka Chi
When I look I been dey see
All the blessing you dey give
Even when I no believe yeah
I’m on my knees
I dey thank you for your grace
Wey no let me go astray
There’s so much that I could say
But tonight I’m singing
in the highest
(Hosa- Hosanna) sing la la la la
(Hosa- Hosanna) ye e ye ye
(Hosa- Hosanna) halle halle halle
Hallelujah(oh on)
Shout hallelujah
Owei oh oh oh
Owei oh oh
Na me be this oh(yes oh)
For the life wey I dey live so(live so)
It’s only right that I got to give glory
To the Most high, na so the thing go
(Let’s go)nah so the thing go
So many times wey I don miss road
I don loss guard
I don miss go
My GPS I dey follow you so
Filled with the Most high
Omo, me I don jogodo
Baba na your way(na your way)
Turned darkness into day yeah
I nor dey use you play
Your way I will obey
Baba G
Even when I went astray
And I made all my mistake
Struggling in my sin and shame
But you came and set me free
All the blessings You dey give
Even when I no believe
I will lift my voice to sing
Halle halle halle
Halle halle halle(halleluyah)
Halle halle halle(shout hallelujah)
Halle Halle hallelu
Owei oh oh oh oh
as I lift my hand
(Hosa- Hosanna)one time for the girl, I wanna get there
(Hosa- Hosanna)one time for agidiba oh yea
(Hosa- Hosanna)one time, one time me know yeah
Ye ye, Limoblaze oh yo yo ye ye
Che-che che-che
Hallelujah(oh on)
Shout hallelujah
Owei oh oh oh
Owei oh oh

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