Limoblaze – God’s Favourite Baby [Album]

God’s Favourite Baby: Finding Joy in Faith with Limoblaze’s 2021 Album.

In 2021, Nigerian artist Limoblaze released a powerful and uplifting album titled “God’s Favourite Baby.” This 13-track project wasn’t just a celebration of faith; it was a vibrant exploration of joy, gratitude, and the feeling of being loved by a higher power.

Limoblaze’s musical journey began surrounded by Islamic influences, yet his own faith led him to become a prominent voice in Afrobeats gospel. With albums like “Before Now” (2018) showcasing his impressive rapping skills, Limoblaze seamlessly blends faith and music, creating a sound that resonates with listeners worldwide.

“God’s Favourite Baby” is more than just a solo effort. Limoblaze teams up with a talented group of artists, including Marizu, CalledOut Music, Sam Rivera, Asha Elia, and CASS. This collaborative spirit brings a beautiful diversity to the album, with each artist adding their unique touch to the music.

“God’s Favourite Baby” goes beyond mere entertainment. It’s a vibrant celebration of faith, expressed through infectious Afrobeats rhythms and heartfelt messages. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Limoblaze or new to Afrobeats gospel, this album is a must-listen. It’s a journey of finding joy, embracing community, and ultimately, feeling cherished as God’s Favourite Baby.

Tracklist: Limoblaze – God’s Favourite Baby

  1. Attention
  2. You & Me
  3. Hallelujah
  4. Blessed (Reimagined)
  5. I Need You
  6. Hold Somebody
  7. Everything
  8. Tonight
  9. Satisfy (feat. Sal Ly)
  10. Away
  11. Got This
  12. Good God
  13. Blessed Child

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