Limoblaze – Afrobeats Rap and Jesus [Album]

Limoblaze Drops “Afrobeats, Rap and Jesus” – A Match Made in Heaven?.

Limoblaze, a Nigerian producer and artist, sent shockwaves through the music scene in 2019 with the release of his album “Afrobeats, Rap and Jesus.” This bold title hinted at a unique blend of genres: the infectious energy of Afrobeats, the storytelling power of Rap, and the message of faith associated with Christian music. But did it work? Let’s dive into this 9-track exploration.

Limoblaze wasn’t the first to experiment with faith-based rap, but his use of Afrobeats as the foundation was fresh. The album’s strength lies in its ability to make you move while delivering a spiritual message. Tracks like “Give Me Away” featuring CalledOut Music showcase this perfectly, with driving percussion and a catchy hook that complements the lyrics about surrendering to faith.

The album received positive reviews for its innovative sound and Limoblaze’s production skills. Some listeners, however, might find the fusion of genres unfamiliar. Regardless, “Afrobeats, Rap and Jesus” stands as a testament to the artist’s creativity and the growing influence of faith-based music within Afrobeats.

Limoblaze’s “Afrobeats, Rap and Jesus” is a bold experiment that pushes boundaries. It’s a record that will make you dance, reflect, and maybe even question your preconceived notions about faith and music. Whether you’re a die-hard Afrobeats fan, a rap enthusiast, or simply someone looking for something different, this album is worth checking out.

Tracklist: Limoblaze – Afrobeats Rap and Jesus

  1. Your Love (feat. DJ Horphuray)
  2. Give Myself Away (feat. CalledOut Music)
  3. 24 Hours (feat. Nkay)
  4. Grace (feat. Gil Joe)
  5. Hold on (feat. Angeloh)
  6. Big Mood (feat. Still Shadey)
  7. Dance (feat. Eclipse Nkasi)
  8. Jeje (feat. Asha Elia)
  9. For Me (feat. Marizu)

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