Kirk Franklin – Unconditional

The track, Unconditional, is the 7th track off Kirk Franklin’s recent album tagged, Father’s Day.

Here comes this well-curated soundtrack named, Unconditional, by the well-known and award-winning American gospel singer called, Kirk Franklin. The song comes with mind-blowing lyrics and rhythms, a must-have in your playlist.
Released in the year 2023, the soundtrack “Unconditional” is one of the tracks that made up Kirk Franklin’s impressive studio album tagged, Father’s Day. The project spans 10 impressive harmonies.

We encourage you to listen, share, and download this song. It’s a beautiful piece of art that deserves to be heard by all. So, immerse yourself in the world of Kirk Franklin and let his music touch your soul.


Video: Kirk Franklin – Unconditional

Lyrics: Kirk Franklin – Unconditional

Yeah, don’t worry
You are not alone
There’s someone else
That sits high on the throne
He intercedes for my sin-sick soul
My days and my nights
He has in control

He loves me
This I know
This I know
He loves me (Ooh, ooh)
Each breath I take, it shows
Each day that I’m breathing, you see that it shows
He loves me with an unconditional love, ooh

Don’t worry (No, no)
The betrayal and the lies (Betray, the lies)
Is the cross that you bear (Oh, I remember)
So the old you can die
Crucify, crucify, crucify
There’s no condemnation (Oh, no condemnation)
For children of the King
You know who you are
Though I fall a thousand times
A thousand nails have set me free
They have set me free

He loves me
Yes He do, Yes He do
This I know
He loves me
He loves me
Each breath I take, it shows (Ooh)
He loves me, yeah (Oh)
With an unconditional love
Ooh, unconditional love
Hmm, yeah
See, I’m singing love

Love not made of flesh, one that’s born not of pain (Love)
One that sees who I am, that won’t stop ’til I’m changed (Love)
Not conditional love, but long suffering (Ooh, love)
From healed to the grave, love got up just for me
Talking ’bout that love
When nothing else could help, love lifted me (Love)
A life full of mistakes is all anyone can see (ooh, love)
Thank You for Your love, yeah

He loves me
Don’t you look no more
Oh, this I know
I’m glad Jesus loves me
I’m glad every breath I take, it shows (It shows)
He loves me, yeah
Oh, with unconditional

Don’t worry
You are not alone

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