Kirk Franklin – It’s Time ft Tasha Page-Lockhart & Zacardi Cortez

A brilliant American gospel singer and multiple award-winning artist known as, Kirk Franklin delivers this song called, It’s Time.

We are happy to unlock this song to you dubbed, It’s Time, written, and recorded by American gospel music maker, songwriter, and performer known as Kirk Franklin. It was his project, Losing My Religion, that gave birth to this excellent tune we have here.

Born on January 26, 1970, in Fort Worth, Texas, Kirk Franklin’s journey to musical stardom began at a young age. Raised by his aunt, Franklin found solace and inspiration in the church, where he honed his musical talents and discovered his passion for gospel music. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, including a turbulent childhood marked by abandonment and abuse, Franklin persevered, using music as a means of healing and self-expression.
Kirk Franklin specially recorded this song for fans’ listening pleasure. It’s Time is a great and awesome piece of music, you will want to add to your playlist and play endlessly. Give a listening ear to the record and share your thoughts with us below.

However, Losing My Religion album by Kirk Franklin houses fourteen beautiful euphonies, written and well-formulated by Kirk Franklin, to keep his fans excited. All records presented in the album are so on point, that one can’t get tired of listening to them.


Video: Kirk Franklin – It’s Time

Lyrics: Kirk Franklin – It’s Time

We’re so glad You joined us
We’ve been waiting for Your presence to arrive all day
We’re humbled You’re here
We kneel up at Your feet and we refuse to leave the same
(The truth is)

[Verse 1]
Yokes don’t break on their own
Our hands are not that strong
And giving up feels wrong
When You’ve been waiting for so long (C’mon!)
For destiny and victory to finally collide (Yes!)
There’s no sound more sweeter than when God says “It’s time”

[Verse 2]
(I get prideful)
Every time I step out, independent, God, I fail!
(You still take me back)
So here we are broken, so glad that You destroyed the veil
(Because of the cross)
Condemnation is all gone
Humbled before Your Throne (Thank You)
You say this is where I belong
That I’ve been patient for so long (for destiny)
For destiny (whoo!) and victory to finally collide (hey!)
There’s no sound more sweeter (more sweeter) than when God says “It’s time” (So tell!)
So tell all the voices (the ones in my head) I’m doing just fine
(Tell ’em I’m good)
For this day (THIS day) is the day (THE day!) when God says “It’s time” (c’mon)
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[Verse 3]
Time for power and not just things
Time for healing the inner me
Time to be truly free, to walk in faith, not in what I see
No more time for childish things (YES!) to warrant Your love and feel complete
What shall we say (What shall we say?) about these things (about these things?)
Soon in time (soon) the world will see
Destiny (c’mon) and victory (Victory!) finally collide (There’s no!)
There’s no sound more sweeter (More sweeter!) than when God says, “It’s time”(Tell every voice!)
So tell all the voices (The ones in my mind!),”I’m doing just fine!” (I’m good!)
For this day (THIS day!) is the day (It’s the day!) when God says “It’s time” (Thank ya!)

(Time for heartache to leave my life…yeah)
For this day is the day when God says “It’s time”
(Rumors, sickness (sickness), defeat, goodbye)
Lift your voices, (Oh yeah!) God says “It’s time” (now stick with)
(Jobless, homeless, you don’t know the… you don’t know the…
You don’t know the trouble)
But this day is the day when God says “It’s time”
(You’re stronger (Yes you are), closer, you didn’t give up the fight)
Lift your voices, God says “It’s time”
(All the praying, all you’ve been believing
Don’t give up the fight…fight no! no!)
This day is the day when God says “It’s time”
(All things are working together for your good
So I know it’s gon’ be alright)
Lift your voices
God says “IT’S TIME!”

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