Kierra Sheard – Always Win (Live)

“Kierra Sheard’s Anthem of Triumph: Unpacking the Resilience in ‘Always Win’

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary gospel music, Kierra Sheard stands out as a powerful and soulful voice. Her 2020 release, “Always Win,” is a testament to her ability to craft uplifting and empowering songs. In a world where challenges can be overwhelming, Sheard’s anthem serves as a reminder of resilience and faith. The song, with its dynamic blend of gospel, R&B, and pop elements, transcends genres, making it accessible to a diverse audience.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Kierra Sheard hails from a renowned musical family, the Clark Sisters, and has carved her own niche in the industry. “Always Win” is not just a catchy tune; it’s a declaration of victory over life’s obstacles. The lyrics, coupled with Sheard’s soul-stirring vocals, create an atmosphere of hope and determination. As an American artist, she reflects the cultural diversity that defines the nation, using her music to connect with people from various backgrounds.

While “Always Win” is a solo endeavor, Kierra Sheard’s collaborative spirit has been evident in her previous works. The song not only showcases her vocal prowess but also underscores her ability to inspire and uplift through her art. Whether you are facing personal struggles or simply seeking motivation, Kierra Sheard’s “Always Win” serves as a powerful reminder that, with faith and resilience, victory is always within reach.

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Video: Kierra Sheard – Always Win (Live)

Lyrics: Kierra Sheard – Always Win (Live)

Sometimes life gets us down
The lies we believe in our minds
We’ve seen ourselves being defeated
More than we see us achieve it (and believe it)
Let me remind you
As heirs of the King we must hold tight to our faith
You must believe you’re predestined to win this race
And remind yourself
(I change the culture)
(I change trends)
(Society’s pressure will not win)
(Walking in authority, victory, and clarity)
God before me (I always win)
I am a winner (Always win)
I’m a winner (I always win)
I am a winner (Always win)
I’m a winner (Always win)
Verse 2:
Sometimes you’ve forgot who you are
Dibble and dabble a bit of everything
You may feel like you lost your power
Life feels like it snatched your dream
I know sometimes you get down (down)
But doesn’t the word say to encourage (ourselves)?
Let the love of God (empower you)
Walkin in victory
Defeating the enemy
Assure in yourself yeah, yeah (I always win)
You gotta say it like you mean it (I always win)
Let your atmosphere hear your words (Always win)
And let suicide hear your words (Always win)
I always win (Always win)
You gotta say it like you mean it (Always win)
Alwa- (Always win)
Oh I always win (Always win)
Hey! (Always win)
(Always win)
Anxiety I win (Always win)
I always win (Always win)
No weapons formed against you shall be able (Always win)
It won’t prosper no, no (Always win)
I always win (Always win)
If God on my side who could be against me? (Always win)
I’m more than a conqueror yeah (Always win)
I’m a winner yeah (Always win)
I got it (I got it)
You got it (You got it)
I got the victory (Victory! Always win)
I got it (I got it)
You got it (You got it)
I got the victory (Victory!)
Send it over your life (Victory!)
I got the victory (Victory!)
Victory! (Victory!)
I got the victory (Victory!)
I got it (Victory!)
I got it (Victory!)
Always win

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