Kaestrings – Rahama (Mercy)

Gospel ensemble Kaestrings delivers a powerful message of divine compassion and grace with their latest release, “Rahama (Mercy).” Known for his ability to blend stirring melodies with profound lyrics, Kaestrings once again proves his mastery in crafting spiritually uplifting music. With “Rahama,” the anointed singer takes listeners on a journey of reflection and gratitude, reminding them of the boundless mercy available to all.

In “Rahama (Mercy),” Kaestrings weaves a tapestry of emotion and devotion, showcasing their dynamic vocal harmonies and skillful instrumentation. The song’s title, “Rahama,” meaning “Mercy” in the Hausa language, encapsulates the central theme of the track—a plea for divine compassion and a recognition of the unmerited grace bestowed upon humanity. As listeners engage with the soul-stirring lyrics and captivating melody of “Rahama,” they are invited to bask in the warmth of God’s love and find solace in the assurance of His unwavering mercy. Through his music, Kaestrings continues to inspire hearts and uplift spirits, reminding believers of the transformative power of divine grace.

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Lyrics: Kaestrings – Rahama (Mercy)

O Lord
My God
All that i want
Is your touch

My faith
Is heightened
On this mountain
To drink from your love

Yesu, Mai Rahama
(Jesus, the merciful one)

Ji addua ta
(please hear my prayer)

Ban da wani sai Kai
(i have no one but you)

Yesu, Mai Rahama
(Jesus, the merciful one)

Ga-ha-wa ye na
(here is my cry)

Ban da wani sai Kai
(I have no one but you)

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