Joepraize – Faithful God

Unveiling the Soul: A Journey Through Joepraize “Faithful God”.

Nigerian vocal singer-songwriter and music star, Joepraize,, has just released a brand new single titled “Faithful God”. This highly anticipated track showcases Joepraize undeniable talent and artistry and is sure to captivate fans and new listeners alike.

With its smooth inspired sound and soulful lyrics, “Faithful God” is a true masterpiece. The song perfectly captures the essence of Joepraize, unique style and vocals. Whether you’re a fan of Joepraize or simply appreciate great music, this song is sure to impress.

Joepraize latest single “Faithful God” is truly impressive. His unique blend of infectious beats and meaningful lyrics never fails to captivate listeners worldwide. It’s amazing to see him continually push boundaries and evolve as an artist. “Faithful God” is certainly a great addition to his already impressive discography..

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible sounds of Joepraize latest single, “Faithful God”. It is a must-have in your playlist.


Lyrics: Joepraize – Faithful God

Me, what can I do
To make you see that it′s all done
I did it all on Calvary and then I said
That ‘it is finished′
All your sins forgiven
All your sins forgotten
All your sickness gone
Answers to your questions
All has been forgiven
Everything forgotten
I rewrite your story
It’s a new beginning
It is finished
And every hand that points
Every judgment made
Every ordinance, He nailed to the cross
For now there’s no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus
Whom the son sets free, he is free indeed
I′m not what I used to be
Since my Jesus came and He turned me around

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