Eben – Stayed On You

“Stayed On You” by Eben: A Nigerian Gospel Anthem Echoing Devotion

In the realm of contemporary Nigerian gospel music, Eben has carved a niche for himself, delivering soul-stirring compositions that resonate with believers worldwide. One such gem in his repertoire is the spiritually charged anthem “Stayed On You,” released in 2017. With a voice that exudes passion and lyrics that reflect unwavering devotion, Eben invites listeners into a profound worship experience.

“Stayed On You” is a testament to Eben’s ability to infuse modern musical elements with timeless spiritual themes. The song’s title serves as a mantra for believers, echoing the psalmist’s declaration of fixing one’s gaze on the divine. Eben’s vocal prowess, coupled with dynamic instrumentals, creates an atmosphere conducive to prayer and reflection, making it a staple in many worship gatherings.

As a proud representative of Nigerian gospel music, Eben’s “Stayed On You” has garnered acclaim not only for its musical excellence but also for its profound message. The release year of 2017 marks a significant chapter in the artist’s journey, solidifying his impact on the genre and establishing the song as a beacon of devotion for listeners seeking a connection with the divine through the power of music. While the song stands strong on its own, its influence is further enriched by Eben’s Nigerian roots, contributing to the global tapestry of gospel expressions.

For the curious minds anticipating a collaboration or featured artist, “Stayed On You” by Eben remains a solo endeavor, allowing the artist’s individuality to shine brightly, unaccompanied, as a testament to the depth of his musical and spiritual prowess.

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Lyrics: Eben – Stayed On You

I will keep my mind stayed on you
All I want to do
Is to worship you.
For you are great
And wealthy to be praised
You alone are God
You alone are God

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