Eben – Siya Mma Mma (feat. Jahdeil)

“Siya Mma Mma” by Eben: A Nigerian Gospel Anthem with Jahdeil’s Touch

In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian gospel music, Eben stands out as a luminary, and his 2017 release “Siya Mma Mma” adds another glorious chapter to his musical legacy. This melodic masterpiece, which translates to “We praise You, Good God” in English, encapsulates the essence of worship, invoking a spirit of gratitude and adoration. Eben’s vocals, coupled with the uplifting rhythm, create an atmosphere that beckons believers to celebrate the goodness of God.

Having originated from the heart of Nigeria, Eben brings a rich cultural and spiritual authenticity to his music. “Siya Mma Mma,” released in 2017, serves as a testament to his commitment to delivering soul-stirring gospel messages through captivating tunes. What makes this song even more captivating is the collaboration with Jahdeil, another talented artist. Jahdeil’s presence adds a unique dynamic to the track, enriching the listening experience with his distinct style and harmonious contribution.

Released in 2017, “Siya Mma Mma” has since become an anthem in the Nigerian gospel music scene and beyond. Eben’s ability to seamlessly blend heartfelt worship with catchy melodies has earned him a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. As listeners engage with this powerful composition, they embark on a spiritual journey, carried by the harmonious synergy of Eben and Jahdeil, praising the Almighty with every note.

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Lyrics: Eben – Siya Mma Mma (feat. Jahdeil)

Omnipotent father your mighty and you’re great
We are gather in worship sing hallowed by your name
You who reigns in the heaven and the earth be your stool
We give you the glory for how you brought us through
To you be praise
To you be glory
To you be honour dominion and power
Oh E siya ma ma
Mma ma imela
You’re the maker of earth
The king of the universe oh lord
We come to fade away
But your word will still remain
I’ll seek of your mercies
And tell of your mighty works
You’re my everything thanks you for all you’ve done.
To you be praise
To you be glory
To you be honour dominion and power
Oh E siya ma ma
Mma ma imela
Faithful God that’s who you are
You’re the bright and morning star
And the lover of my life
I praise your name in times of need
You’re my God my everything
And I praise you on my knees

Imela oh oyoma
Imela oh chineke
Imela oh oyoma
Imela ooooh

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