Eben – Lift the Name

“Lift the Name” by Eben: A Nigerian Anthem of Worship

Eben’s “Lift the Name,” released in 2017, is a gospel anthem that has become synonymous with heartfelt worship across Nigeria and beyond. Hailing from Nigeria, Eben has established himself as a prominent figure in the gospel music scene, and “Lift the Name” further solidifies his position as a maestro of uplifting and spiritually resonant compositions.

With a compelling combination of soul-stirring vocals and dynamic instrumentals, “Lift the Name” is a call to worship that transcends borders. Eben’s ability to infuse his music with a fervent sense of devotion is evident in every lyric and melody, creating an atmosphere where listeners are invited to connect with the divine on a profound level. The song’s release in 2017 marked a significant moment in Eben’s career, garnering praise for its powerful impact on congregations and individuals alike.

While “Lift the Name” is a standalone masterpiece, Eben’s musical journey extends beyond this particular track. As a Nigerian artist, he has consistently delivered soulful and uplifting music, becoming a beacon of inspiration in the gospel genre. Whether performed in a worship setting or resonating through personal playlists, “Lift the Name” continues to uplift spirits and amplify the message of faith since its release in 2017.

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Lyrics: Eben – Lift the Name

I will declare
the name of the lord
and his song shall be
forever in my mouth
u re good
u re kind
u re awesome
in all of ur ways
faithful god
awesome wonders
we will praise
for the rest of our days
lift the name of Jesus high(4*)
oh oh oooh
oh oh ooooh

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