Dr Paul Enenche – You Alone Are God

“You Alone Are God” by Dr. Paul Enenche: A Nigerian Anthem of Worship

Dr. Paul Enenche, a prominent Nigerian gospel artist, has once again graced the musical scene with his soul-stirring worship anthem, “You Alone Are God,” released in 2023. Dr. Enenche, known for his heartfelt and spiritually uplifting compositions, has carved a niche for himself in the realm of gospel music. “You Alone Are God” serves as a powerful continuation of his musical journey, blending deep theological reflections with captivating melodies.

As a sequel to his previously released impactful songs, Dr. Paul Enenche maintains his commitment to delivering messages of faith, hope, and reverence through his music. With a discography that resonates with audiences far beyond Nigeria, Dr. Enenche’s latest offering is poised to become a staple in worship playlists worldwide. The song’s profound lyrics and Enenche’s emotive delivery create an atmosphere of adoration and surrender, inviting listeners to join in a transcendent experience of worship.

In the spirit of collaboration that often characterizes the gospel music genre, “You Alone Are God” features [insert featured artist], whose contribution adds depth and diversity to the sonic landscape of the song. This collaborative effort showcases the unity and shared devotion of artists coming together to create a harmonious piece that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, making “You Alone Are God” not just a song but a global celebration of faith through music.

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Lyrics: Dr Paul Enenche – You Alone Are God

You alone are God
there is none like you.
you alone are God.
There is none besides you.
Xrus: You alone are worthy to be praised
so worthy to be praised
And I will give you praise (3x)
2. You have made the earth
for your Glory God.
You have made all things
for your pleasure Lord(2x)
3. You made me for you.
to show forth your praise
and I live my life
To show forth your praise

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