Dr Paul Enenche – Love And Love And Love

“Love And Love And Love” by Dr. Paul Enenche: A Harmonious Ode to Love’s Profound Essence

Dr. Paul Enenche, the esteemed Nigerian gospel artist, graces the music scene with his latest masterpiece, “Love And Love And Love,” released in 2023. Known for his spiritually uplifting compositions, Dr. Paul has once again poured his passion for music and ministry into a song that transcends boundaries and resonates with the universal theme of love. As a prominent figure in the gospel music realm, his work consistently blends powerful vocals with profound lyrics.

“Love And Love And Love” not only showcases Dr. Paul Enenche’s vocal prowess but also presents a deep exploration of the multifaceted aspects of love. From divine love to the human connections that enrich our lives, the song captures the essence of this universal emotion. The lyrics, delivered with heartfelt sincerity, invite listeners on a reflective journey, prompting introspection about the various dimensions of love that shape our existence.

In this musical offering, Dr. Paul Enenche delivers a message that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with audiences globally. The release of “Love And Love And Love” in 2023 marks another significant chapter in the artist’s prolific career, adding to his repertoire of spiritually enriching compositions. As fans and music enthusiasts eagerly delve into this latest creation, it promises to be a timeless addition to the gospel music landscape, affirming Dr. Paul Enenche’s standing as a musical luminary and spiritual guide.

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Lyrics: Dr Paul Enenche – Love And Love And Love

1.I want to love and love and love Lord like you do
For your capacity to love cannot run out
You’re never tired of caring for those you love
I am here to praise you for loving the way you do
Your love has made a world of difference in my life
I was that stone that was rejected by the world
But when you placed your living hands upon my life, you lifted me above the words and will of men
2. I want to love and love and love Lord like you do
For when you love someone you love them all the way
You give the best to all those that you love
I want to thank you for loving me like you do
You lifted meeeee, You lifted meeeee, You lifted meeeeee, You lifted meeeeeeee, You lifted me above the words and will of men

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