Dr Paul Enenche – Lord I Remain Your Baby (Dr Paul Enenche Remix)

Embracing Divine Connection: Dr. Paul Enenche’s “Lord I Remain Your Baby”

In the dynamic world of contemporary gospel music, Dr. Paul Enenche, a prominent Nigerian artist, continues to captivate hearts with his soul-stirring melodies. One such gem is his 2020 release, “Lord I Remain Your Baby.” This spiritually uplifting track transcends cultural boundaries, delivering a powerful message of unwavering devotion and faith. Dr. Paul Enenche’s profound connection with his faith is beautifully expressed through the soulful lyrics and harmonious composition of this song.

The journey of “Lord I Remain Your Baby” is enriched by its remix featuring Dr. Paul Enenche himself. The remix not only breathes new life into the original but also showcases the artist’s versatility and dedication to his craft. Dr. Paul Enenche’s ability to infuse traditional Nigerian sounds with contemporary gospel elements creates a unique and engaging musical experience. The remix, released subsequently, adds another layer to the song’s spiritual depth, making it a timeless piece that resonates with listeners across the globe.

As a testament to the song’s impact, Dr. Paul Enenche’s “Lord I Remain Your Baby” is a shining example of how music can be a vessel for divine connection. Its profound lyrics, coupled with the artist’s emotive delivery, invite audiences to reflect on their own spiritual journeys, fostering a sense of unity and shared devotion. In a world filled with noise, this song stands out as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that, despite the challenges, our connection with the divine remains unwavering.

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Lyrics: Dr Paul Enenche – Lord I Remain Your Baby (Dr Paul Enenche Remix)

Lord you knew me before I..
Was concieved in mama’s womb
Lord you knew me right from when
I was placed in mama’s womb
You knew me right from my birth
You knew me throughout childhood
You know me both in and out
You know me both out and in
Lord I Remain your baby
For I was formed in your hands
No one knows me like you do
No one knows what I’ve been through
No one knows the way I feel
No one knows where I have hurt
That is why you touched my life
In ways that none else can do

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