Dr Paul Enenche – I Need To Hear Your Voice

“I Need To Hear Your Voice” by Dr. Paul Enenche: A Melodic Conversation with the Divine

Dr. Paul Enenche, a renowned Nigerian gospel artist, gifts the world with his soul-stirring composition, “I Need To Hear Your Voice,” released in 2023. As a multifaceted individual, Dr. Enenche is not only a prolific musician but also a pastor, a medical doctor, and the senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre. This song is a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend his spiritual calling with his musical prowess, offering listeners a transcendent experience.

“I Need To Hear Your Voice” serves as a spiritual journey encapsulated in melody, reflecting Dr. Paul Enenche’s deep desire for divine connection. Released in 2023, the song builds on his previous musical endeavors, showcasing a continued commitment to delivering messages of faith, hope, and worship. Dr. Enenche’s Nigerian heritage adds a unique cultural flavor to the composition, enriching the sonic experience and resonating with audiences both within and beyond the borders of Nigeria.

While “I Need To Hear Your Voice” stands as a powerful solo expression by Dr. Paul Enenche, it’s worth noting that the artist has a history of collaboration with other talented musicians. The absence of a featured artist in this particular track allows Dr. Enenche’s distinctive vocals and lyrical prowess to take center stage, providing an unfiltered and intimate connection between the listener and the divine message embedded in the song. As we delve into the sonic landscapes crafted by Dr. Paul Enenche, “I Need To Hear Your Voice” invites us to join in a harmonious dialogue with the divine, making it a compelling addition to the artist’s body of work.

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Lyrics: Dr Paul Enenche – I Need To Hear Your Voice

Lord I need your voice above all other needs lord I need to hear you so desperately I need your voice your voice your presence is unsure

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