Dr Paul Enenche – Elee (Studio Remix Bonus)

Dr. Paul Enenche’s “Elee (Studio Remix Bonus)”: A Musical Tapestry of Nigerian Excellence

In the vibrant and diverse tapestry of Nigerian music, Dr. Paul Enenche emerges as a distinguished artist, contributing not just melodies but a profound musical experience. The release of “Elee (Studio Remix Bonus)” in 2023 is a testament to his commitment to artistic evolution. The track, a remix of the original, offers a fresh perspective on Enenche’s musical prowess, showcasing a fusion of traditional Nigerian sounds with contemporary production techniques.

“Elee (Studio Remix Bonus)” is not just a song; it’s an ode to heritage and innovation. Dr. Paul Enenche, hailing from Nigeria, incorporates elements of his rich cultural background into the remix, creating a musical journey that resonates with audiences globally. The fusion of traditional Nigerian rhythms and modern production nuances reflects Enenche’s dedication to preserving cultural roots while embracing the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

The track’s global appeal is heightened by its infectious rhythm and soulful undertones, drawing listeners from diverse backgrounds into its rhythmic embrace. Dr. Paul Enenche’s “Elee (Studio Remix Bonus)” not only exemplifies his artistry but also serves as a bridge between traditional Nigerian music and the contemporary international music scene. As we celebrate this musical gem, it becomes evident that Dr. Paul Enenche is not just an artist; he is a cultural ambassador, weaving the rich tapestry of Nigerian musical heritage into the global soundscape.

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Video: Dr Paul Enenche – Elee (Studio Remix Bonus)

Lyrics: Dr Paul Enenche – Elee (Studio Remix Bonus)

Elle Elle o x5
Elle Elle Elle Elle……
Mighty God (Elle Elle o)
No one can describe the way that I feel for You (Elle Elle o)
You’re the Only One (Elle Elle o)
Lily of the valley (Elle)
Kiniun eya Judah (Elle)
Agunechemba (Elle)
Odogwu Ogagu (Elle)
Lily of the valley (Elle)
Kiniun eya Judah (Elle)
Agunechemba (Elle)
Odogwu Ogagu (Elle)
1. Lord, You are in a class
All by Yourself
Lord, there is no god that compares to You
Lord, I’m amazed at Your Almightiness
Lord, You’re too wonderful for comprehension
So my heart cries out ‘Elee’
(Elee, Elee o) x8
Lily of the valley (Elle)
Kiniun eya Judah (Elle)
Agunechemba (Elle)
Odogwu Ogagu (Elle) (x2)
2. You have done so many marvelous things
With You, nothing is impossible, Lord
You live in the realm of signs and wonders
The ꇙupernatural is Your ⒽⒶⒷⒾⓉⒶⓉ
So my heart cries out
(Elle Elle o)

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