CeCe Winans – Test Of Time

“CeCe Winans’ Timeless Resonance: Unveiling the Melodic Journey of ‘Test Of Time’

In the intricate tapestry of gospel music, few artists possess the enduring power and grace that CeCe Winans effortlessly exudes. Hailing from the heart of American musical heritage, CeCe has consistently been a beacon of inspiration with her soul-stirring voice and profound lyrics. Her latest release, “Test Of Time,” further solidifies her status as a luminary in the realm of gospel music.

With a career that has spanned decades, CeCe Winans brings a wealth of experience and musical wisdom to “Test Of Time.” The song serves as a testament to her ability to seamlessly blend contemporary sounds with timeless themes. The depth of emotion in her vocals and the richness of the musical arrangement create an immersive experience that transcends temporal boundaries. As an American artist, CeCe Winans embraces her cultural roots, infusing the song with the soulful essence that has defined the nation’s musical landscape.

While “Test Of Time” is a solo venture for CeCe Winans, its expansive impact is magnified by the subtle yet impactful contribution of a featured artist. The collaboration adds an extra layer of depth to the song, highlighting the unity within the diverse voices that make up the American music scene. As we listen to this masterpiece, we are reminded of the enduring power of gospel music to bring people together, transcending nationality and celebrating the shared human experience. CeCe Winans’ “Test Of Time” not only showcases her exceptional talent but also stands as a testament to the resilience and beauty that music can bring to our lives.

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Lyrics: CeCe Winans – Test Of Time

I know your name
I hold your fate
I am the one who created you
I own the world
Yes, it’s all mine
So why won’t you let me carry you
You won’t have to worry
You’ll never worry
If you just rest and trust in me
Always remember that I am in control
For I am God
And I shall stand the test of time
Now we hear the waters roar
And we see the rainbow snile across the sky
We even smell the trees
And we feel the wind blow as it passes by
Every mountain, every valley
Every star above our head
Should remind us of the one who is in control
For He is God
And He shall stand the test of time
I know your pain
I know your faults
But still I’m here to comfort you
I’ve seen your ups
I’ve seen you downs
But it never stopped me from loving you
You won’t have to worry
You’ll never worry
If you just rest and trust in me
Always remember that I am in control
For I am God and I shall stand the test of time
Come unto Me
I’ll give you peace
And when will you see I’m all you need
I know He’ll stand
The test of time [Repeat out]

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