CeCe Winans – Mamma’s Kitchen

A Soulful Journey with CeCe Winans in “Mamma’s Kitchen”

CeCe Winans, the renowned American gospel singer, takes us on a heartfelt journey with her soul-stirring song, “Mamma’s Kitchen.” Released with a touch of nostalgia, this musical masterpiece invites listeners to reflect on the warmth and love found in the heart of a mother’s domain. With a career spanning decades and numerous accolades under her belt, CeCe Winans effortlessly infuses emotion and spirituality into her music, making “Mamma’s Kitchen” a captivating addition to her discography.

In “Mamma’s Kitchen,” CeCe Winans pays homage to her roots and the comforting embrace of family. The song’s melodic blend of gospel and R&B elements serves as a testament to Winans’ versatility as an artist. Her powerful vocals, paired with the poignant lyrics, create an immersive experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level. The track beautifully captures the essence of love, resilience, and the cherished memories that echo within the walls of a mother’s kitchen.

As an artist deeply rooted in her faith, CeCe Winans brings a spiritual dimension to “Mamma’s Kitchen,” making it more than just a song—it’s a spiritual journey. The choice to remain true to her American gospel roots reflects Winans’ commitment to spreading messages of hope and inspiration through her music. “Mamma’s Kitchen” is not only a testament to CeCe Winans’ musical prowess but also a celebration of the cultural and familial bonds that shape our lives.

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Lyrics: CeCe Winans – Mamma’s Kitchen

I remember Saturdays helping Mama in her kitchen
Conversations prying, baking with passing down the wisdom
She said babygirl you’re a queen and this is how you should be treated
Words she washed with tears and planted in my soul
Can we just go back to the simple kinda living?
Can we just go back and maybe start from the beginning?
Back to better days, when love was for the giving
Can we just go back to the way we were?
Mama said there was a time when brothers were each others keepers
Sisters held each other close till there was nothing left between them
Back when a song was a song you could sing along didn’t matter how long
Just as long as it spoke to ya, sung to ya
Do you know what I mean?
Now I’m chasing rainbows and dreams,
trying hard to believe
this is how it could be
Yesterday was yesterday, tomorrow’s just a day away
By then it may be too late, maybe we can start today

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