CeCe Winans – Just Like That

CeCe Winans Strikes Gold Again with “Just Like That”

CeCe Winans, the celebrated American gospel singer, has once again graced our ears with her soul-stirring music in her latest release, “Just Like That.” With a career spanning decades and numerous accolades under her belt, Winans continues to captivate audiences with her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. In “Just Like That,” she delivers yet another unforgettable performance that is sure to uplift spirits and touch hearts around the world.

With “Just Like That,” CeCe Winans showcases her unmatched talent and unwavering dedication to her craft. The song is a testament to her ability to blend gospel, R&B, and soul effortlessly, creating a sound that is uniquely her own. Backed by stirring melodies and powerful instrumentation, Winans’ vocals soar to new heights, conveying messages of hope, faith, and resilience. It’s a song that resonates deeply with listeners, reminding them of the enduring power of music to inspire and uplift, especially in challenging times.

As a beloved figure in the music industry, CeCe Winans continues to leave an indelible mark with each new release, and “Just Like That” is no exception. With its soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the song is a testament to Winans’ enduring talent and unwavering commitment to spreading positivity through her music. As fans eagerly await her next musical endeavor, “Just Like That” stands as a reminder of the timeless impact of CeCe Winans’ music on the hearts and souls of listeners everywhere.

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Lyrics: CeCe Winans – Just Like That

When he woke her up this morning she saw something on his mind
His eyes were cold and distant and his spirit was unkind
He said I’m off to find myself and I won’t be coming back
She said ask the Lord to help you not to act like that
Why don’t you just ask the Lord to help you not to act like that?
Now I know a woman burdened by the choices that she’s made
Life reflects the consequence of making mistakes
So in her prayers each night she prays perpetually
Lord help me now to be the best that I can be
Father won’t you just help me now to be the best that I can be?
Cause I know there is joy, there is forgiving
There is peace and contentment
There is love and it grows unrelenting
I know my Lord He loves me just like that
I don’t have to worry cause I know He loves me just like that
Well you may know some women hurting like the ones I’ve just described
Who’s future seem impossible for them to survive
You can tell them I’m living proof by what He’s done for me
The only thing required is that you just believe
All you have to do is simply just believe
Just like that, just like that
Think about it He can make everything change
Just like that
He’s giving me love unconditionally
Treating my soul with everything I need
I love the way He loves me just like that
Now have faith in what you hope for and not in what you see
Believe in what I say to you and keep your eyes on Me
Cause I can change your husband’s heart and make his love for you come back
Don’t doubt what I can do, I love you just like that

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