CeCe Winans – Anybody Wanna Pray

CeCe Winans’ “Anybody Wanna Pray”: A Soulful Invitation to Seek Divine Connection

CeCe Winans, the renowned American gospel singer, once again graces the music scene with her powerful and soul-stirring vocals in her latest release, “Anybody Wanna Pray.” This uplifting song serves as a testament to Winans’ unwavering faith and her ability to convey profound emotions through her music. With a career spanning decades and multiple Grammy Awards under her belt, Winans continues to inspire listeners worldwide with her heartfelt melodies and profound lyrics.

“Anybody Wanna Pray” is more than just a song; it’s an earnest call to connect with the divine and find solace in prayer. Winans’ soulful delivery and emotive lyrics resonate deeply, encouraging listeners to seek comfort and guidance in times of need. As she croons about the transformative power of prayer, Winans reminds us all of the importance of faith and the beauty of finding strength in spirituality. With its infectious rhythm and stirring message, “Anybody Wanna Pray” is sure to uplift spirits and touch hearts across the globe.

In a world filled with uncertainty and challenges, CeCe Winans’ “Anybody Wanna Pray” serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the enduring power of faith. Through her transcendent music, Winans continues to inspire and uplift, spreading love and positivity with every note. As listeners immerse themselves in the soul-stirring melodies of this remarkable song, they are invited on a journey of spiritual renewal and connection—one that reminds us all of the boundless grace found in prayer.

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Lyrics: CeCe Winans – Anybody Wanna Pray

Do it, do it
Oh, geez
Do it, do it
Anybody wanna pray
Oh, yeah-yeah
Look at the world and all the trouble it’s in
We’ve traded righteousness for pleasures of sin
And now that things have gotten way out of hand
You’re wonderin’ how and you’re wonderin’ when
Hate is filtered right into your home (into your home)
Takin’ the love that the family once owned (the family once owned)
Mothers against the daughters, dads against sons
The way that it looks seems like Evil has won
Anybody wanna pray with me
Anybody wanna pray with me, anybody wanna
Anybody wanna pray with me (and chase all these troubles away)
Anybody wanna pray with me
Anybody wanna pray with me, anybody wanna
Anybody wanna pray with me (and chase all these dark clouds away)
I understand just why you’d throw him the towel (throw him the towel)
Where there’s no hope, life is not worth the while (is not worth the while)
Why would you choose to (live without me)
What else do you want (What else do you want) when I am all that you need?
(Oh-whoa, oh-whoa, searchin’ high and searchin’ low ev’ryday)
To find a peace of mind and someone to care
(Hey, what you say?) When all you have to do is (fall on your knees
Take a look at yourself, I’m all that you need
Say it again)
(And now, it’s time to shout) Shout the victory (We win)
If you haven’t read the book, come and go with me
There comes a time when (There comes a time when) all jokes aside (Stop playin’)
You make up your mind, you
Make up your mind
On bended knees, these petitions get heard
From the throne room to packed arenas you’ve heard
Known for that, must commence to rock it fat
Crowd react, believe I’ll pray for that
Yo’, I keep my stance on the rock like this
So, if two, three or mor’ decide to lock wrist
You better come strong, faith long like this
‘Cause wit’ Grits and Cece, you know, God in the midst
[Refrain, 2 fois]
(recite The Lord’s Prayer)
Come on,
It’s time to pray
It’s time to pray

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