CalledOut Music – Isaiah’s Message

Nigerian-born gospel music sensational crooner, CalledOut Music brings out another enchanting melody “Isaiah’s Message” off his new album.

Being one of the favorite acts in Nigeria, CalledOut Music offers the song “Isaiah’s Message” which deserves lots of commendation from the fans. The new entry was recorded and put to hearing in 2022 and is said to be one of the tracks off his new album called “My Beautiful Reality”.

“My Beautiful Reality” is a mesmerizing tapestry of sound and emotion, each track a testament to CalledOut Music’s passion for storytelling and musical innovation. From the soul-stirring melodies of “Nothing Else” to the infectious rhythms of “Eternity,” the album captivates the heart and uplifts the spirit, offering a glimpse into the beauty found in life’s everyday moments.

Born Samuel Nwachukwu in Nigeria and raised in London, CalledOut Music’s musical journey is as diverse as the cultural tapestry from which he draws inspiration. From an early age, he felt a deep calling to use his talents for the glory of God, infusing his music with messages of faith, love, and resilience. Drawing influence from a myriad of genres, including gospel, Afrobeat, and R&B, CalledOut Music developed a distinctive sound that resonates with audiences across the globe.

From this great offering, the song “Isaiah’s Message” appeared as the 1st and one of the best tracks with special production that will make you hit the replay button again and again… Listen and download it below!!!!


Video: CalledOut Music – Isaiah’s Message

Lyrics: CalledOut Music – Isaiah’s Message

The bible says a new man in Christ is a new creation
Old things are passed away and all things have become new
That we are no longer living for ourselves
But we are living for God who has called us through His own Son
So the reality of our new life is living for Christ
Living in Him, believing all that He has done
And the Holy Spirit in us will transform our lives
The Bible says the word was made flesh
So the word of God that we believe and that we practice and live in
Because we are not just called to be hearers of the word but doers of the word
That same word transforms us though our faith in the finished work of Christ, it’s a reality

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