Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals How Much He Spent During His Son’s Naming

“The Significance of Naming: Bishop David Oyedepo and the Story of ‘I Named Isaac Oyedepo with Ten Naira'”

In the world of faith, leadership, and personal development, Bishop David Oyedepo stands as a towering figure whose influence transcends boundaries. His words, teachings, and actions have inspired millions around the globe, shaping lives and transforming communities. One particular anecdote that encapsulates Bishop Oyedepo’s profound wisdom and faith is the story of “I Named Isaac Oyedepo with Ten Naira.”


It was a humble beginning, marked by a simple yet powerful act of faith. Bishop Oyedepo, the visionary founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel, found himself faced with a decision that would shape the destiny of his family. In a moment of divine inspiration and unwavering faith, he declared, “I Named Isaac Oyedepo with Ten Naira.”

At first glance, this statement may seem inconsequential, but its significance lies in the deeper spiritual truth it represents. In the biblical narrative, names hold immense power and carry profound meaning. They serve as declarations of identity, purpose, and destiny. Bishop Oyedepo’s decision to name his son Isaac Oyedepo with just ten naira reflects his unwavering trust in God’s providence and his belief in the power of spoken words.

The name Isaac, derived from the Hebrew word Yitzchak, means “he will laugh” or “laughter.” In the Bible, Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah, born to them in their old age as a fulfillment of God’s promise. His birth brought joy and laughter to his parents, symbolizing the fulfillment of God’s faithfulness and the power of His covenant. By naming his son Isaac, Bishop Oyedepo embraced this same spirit of faith and expectation, believing that God would bring laughter and joy into his family’s life.

Furthermore, the act of naming Isaac Oyedepo with ten naira underscores Bishop Oyedepo’s belief in the principle of sowing and reaping. In biblical teachings, the concept of sowing and reaping emphasizes the spiritual law of cause and effect: whatever one sows, they will also reap. By sowing the seed of naming his son Isaac Oyedepo with ten naira, Bishop Oyedepo demonstrated his faith in God’s ability to multiply the seed sown and bring forth a bountiful harvest of blessings.

The story of “I Named Isaac Oyedepo with Ten Naira” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of faith, obedience, and the spoken word. It illustrates Bishop Oyedepo’s deep-rooted trust in God’s promises and his willingness to act in faith, even in the face of uncertainty. Through this simple yet profound act, Bishop Oyedepo set in motion a chain of events that would ultimately shape the destiny of his family and ministry.

Today, the legacy of Bishop David Oyedepo continues to inspire millions around the world. His teachings on faith, prosperity, and divine favor have touched countless lives and propelled individuals to new levels of success and fulfillment. The story of “I Named Isaac Oyedepo with Ten Naira” stands as a testament to Bishop Oyedepo’s unwavering faith and his profound understanding of the spiritual principles that govern life and destiny.

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