Apostle Jotham Bobai Adams – How To Knock In Prayer

In his enlightening sermon, “How to Knock in Prayer,” Apostle Jotham Bobai Adams, esteemed president of Shekinah Encounter Center, delves into the significance of persistence and fervency in our prayer lives. Drawing inspiration from Jesus’ words in Matthew 7:7-8, where He encourages His disciples to “keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking,” Apostle Adams emphasizes the transformative power of persistent prayer. He reminds believers that knocking in prayer isn’t simply about making a casual request, but it’s an expression of our earnest desire and unwavering faith in God’s faithfulness to answer.

With passionate conviction, Apostle Adams guides his congregation through practical steps to deepen their prayer life, urging them to approach the throne of grace with boldness and persistence. He emphasizes the importance of aligning our prayers with God’s will, trusting in His timing, and remaining steadfast in our faith even when answers may not come immediately. Through his dynamic preaching, Apostle Adams ignites a renewed fervor for prayer, empowering believers to knock with confidence at the door of heaven, knowing that their persistent cries will be met with the gracious response of their Heavenly Father.

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