Apostle Jotham Bobai Adams – Art of Booking And Documenting

In a digital age where information overload is prevalent, Apostle Jotham Bobai Adams, the esteemed president of Shekinah Encounter Center, delivers a thought-provoking sermon on the art of booking and documenting. With wisdom and insight, Apostle Adams emphasizes the importance of intentional organization and documentation in our spiritual lives. Drawing from the biblical principle of recording God’s faithfulness and commands, he encourages believers to cultivate a habit of documenting their journey with God, whether through journaling, note-taking, or digital platforms.

Apostle Adams highlights the transformative power of reflection and remembrance, urging his congregation to capture moments of divine encounter, answered prayers, and personal growth. He challenges believers to treat their spiritual journey with the same diligence and care they would give to important appointments or records, recognizing that by documenting their experiences with God, they create a legacy of faithfulness and encouragement for themselves and future generations. Through his dynamic preaching, Apostle Adams inspires believers to embrace the art of booking and documenting as a means of deepening their relationship with God and preserving the testimonies of His goodness in their lives.

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