Apostle Jotham Bobai Adams – Addicted To The Word Part 2

Continuing his impactful sermon series titled “Addicted to the Word,” Apostle Jotham Bobai Adams, esteemed president of Shekinah Encounter Center, delves deeper into the transformative power of immersing oneself in God’s Word. In this sequel, Apostle Adams expounds on the practical ways believers can cultivate a healthy addiction to Scripture, enriching their spiritual lives and deepening their relationship with God. Drawing from Psalm 119, Apostle Adams underscores the importance of meditating on God’s precepts day and night, allowing His Word to shape their thoughts, words, and actions.

With passion and conviction, Apostle Adams challenges his congregation to prioritize time spent in God’s Word, recognizing it as the key to spiritual vitality and growth. He encourages believers to develop disciplined habits such as daily reading, study, and memorization of Scripture, emphasizing that as they saturate their minds and hearts with the Word, they will experience a profound transformation in every area of their lives. Through his dynamic preaching, Apostle Adams inspires his listeners to embrace a lifestyle of addiction to the Word—a holy obsession that leads to deeper intimacy with God and greater effectiveness in fulfilling His purposes.

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