Apostle Joshua Selman Sets To Lecture In World’s Most Prestigious University

Apostle Joshua Selman to Lecture at Harvard University: A Milestone in Spiritual and Academic Discourse

In an event that signifies a groundbreaking intersection of faith and academia, Apostle Joshua Selman, the esteemed founder of Eternity Network International and a revered voice in Christian ministry, is set to lecture at Harvard University. This prestigious engagement underscores the growing recognition of spiritual insights within academic circles and represents a significant stride in bridging the gap between spiritual teachings and academic knowledge.

Apostle Selman, widely celebrated for his profound and insightful teachings on spiritual growth, leadership, and divine purpose, will address an audience at one of the world’s leading universities. His lecture, expected to cover the convergence of spirituality with contemporary leadership and societal development, aims to illuminate the critical role of faith-based principles in addressing the complexities of modern life and governance.

Harvard University, with its longstanding tradition of fostering dialogue across diverse disciplines, provides an exemplary stage for such a discourse. The institution’s commitment to exploring the multifaceted aspects of human experience makes it a fitting venue for Apostle Selman’s message, which transcends the boundaries of traditional religious preaching to touch on universal themes of ethics, leadership, and human potential.

This event not only highlights Apostle Selman’s ascendancy as a thought leader in spiritual and moral discourse but also marks a pivotal moment for the academic community’s engagement with religious perspectives. It is anticipated that his lecture will offer profound insights into the application of spiritual wisdom in the pursuit of academic and professional excellence, thereby inspiring a harmonious blend of intellectual rigor and spiritual depth among the attendees.

As the date approaches, anticipation builds among both the spiritual community and academic scholars. This lecture is poised to foster a richer understanding of how spiritual principles can inform and enhance contemporary leadership and societal progress, paving the way for a more integrated approach to solving today’s global challenges.


Dear Koinonia Global Family,

We are delighted to extend an invitation to you for an inspiring lecture at the esteemed Harvard University’s Center for the Study of African Societies and Economics (CSASE), with our Father – Apostle Joshua Selman, addressing the theme: “The Role of Religion in Resilient Societies: Lessons from Africa’s Development Journey.”

Date: Tuesday, 26th of March, 2024 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

The lecture will take place at the prestigious Harvard Divinity School, followed by a reception that provides an opportunity for richer engagement and possibilities.

Due to the exclusivity of the occasion, registration is required to secure your attendance. Come, and be part of a dialogue that promises to enlighten and challenge our perceptions on the intersection of faith and social progress.

We eagerly await the honor of your presence and contribution to this important conversation.

Please remember, that spaces are limited. Register today and ensure your place at this momentous event!


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