Apostle Ezekiel Adenipekun – Mystery of Praise

In the ministry of Apostle Ezekiel Adenipekun of Mercy Throne Missions, the sermon on the “Mystery of Praise” delves into the profound significance of praise and worship in the life of a believer. With deep insight and spiritual wisdom, Apostle Ezekiel unveils the mystery of praise as a powerful spiritual weapon that ushers in God’s presence and breaks chains of bondage. Drawing from Psalm 22:3, he reveals that God inhabits the praises of His people, transforming hearts and circumstances as His glory fills the atmosphere.

As believers, we are called to embrace the mystery of praise, recognizing it as a key that unlocks the gates of heaven and releases God’s supernatural power in our lives. Apostle Ezekiel’s message challenges us to cultivate a lifestyle of praise and worship, not just as a religious duty but as a joyful response to the goodness and faithfulness of God. Let us heed the call to lift our voices in praise and adoration, knowing that as we do, we align ourselves with God’s purposes and experience His blessings and breakthroughs in abundance.

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