Apostle Ezekiel Adenipekun – Grace Through The Knowledge of God

In the ministry of Apostle Ezekiel Adenipekun of Mercy Throne Missions, the sermon on “Grace Through The Knowledge of God” unveils the transformative power of knowing God intimately. Apostle Ezekiel passionately emphasizes that true grace is not just a concept but a tangible reality experienced through an intimate relationship with God. Drawing from 2 Peter 1:2, he reveals that as believers grow in the knowledge of God, they also abound in His grace, which empowers them to live victoriously and walk in divine favor.

As recipients of God’s grace, we are called to continually deepen our understanding of who He is, allowing His character and promises to shape our lives. Apostle Ezekiel’s message challenges us to pursue intimacy with God through prayer, study of His Word, and communion with the Holy Spirit. Let us heed the call to seek a deeper knowledge of God, knowing that as we do, His grace will abound in every aspect of our lives, enabling us to live as vessels of His love and ambassadors of His kingdom.

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