Apostle Christian Nwoke – Activating The Power

In the journey of faith, Apostle Christian Nwoke of God’s Army Global shines a guiding light on the profound truth of activating the power of God within us. Through his teachings, he imparts the revelation that believers are not merely passive recipients of divine blessings but active participants in the manifestation of God’s power on earth. With fervent prayer and unwavering faith, Apostle Nwoke empowers his congregation to tap into the limitless reservoir of God’s power dwelling within them, urging them to rise up and walk in the authority bestowed upon them as children of the Most High.

As Apostle Nwoke leads the charge in activating the power, he ignites a fire within believers to step into their God-given identity as agents of transformation and vessels of divine power. Through prayer, fasting, and the diligent study of God’s word, he encourages us to cultivate a lifestyle of spiritual discipline, aligning our hearts and minds with the will of God. In doing so, we not only experience personal breakthroughs but become conduits through which the power of God flows to impact the world around us, ushering in His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

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