Tye Tribbett – Anyhow Reprise

Rejoice in Reverence: Exploring Tye Tribbett “Anyhow Reprise”

An American music singer, songwriter Tye Tribbett, released a captivating song titled “Anyhow Reprise”. This enchanting track marks Tye Tribbett , makes the musical offering, adding to his impressive repertoire of previously released songs.

“Anyhow Reprise”, this song showcases Tye Tribbett exceptional talent and creativity. With each note and lyric, he effortlessly captivates listeners, taking them on a journey of love and self-discovery. The song is a must-have in your playlist.

In addition to Tye Tribbett mesmerizing vocals, Their contribution adds depth and dimension to the already impressive composition, creating a harmonious blend of their unique styles and talents.

To experience the magic of Tye Tribbett masterpiece, simply listen and download below. Let the sounds of “Anyhow Reprise” transport you to a world of pure musical bliss.


Lyrics: Tye Tribbett – Anyhow Reprise

We couldn’t let this one go ya’llI got some friends of mine with meAnd we gon’ praise Him anyhowWhoaLet’s go
Hallelujah (hallelujah) anyhow (anyhow)Hallelujah (hallelujah) anyhow-ow (anyhow-ow)When life’s troubles (hallelujah) come your way (anyhow)Learn how to lift (hallelujah) your hands and say (anyhow)Hallelujah (hallelujah) anyhow (anyhow)Hallelujah (hallelujah) anyhow (anyhow-ow)For the road I’ve travelled (hallelujah)For the things I’ve seen (anyhow)I’ll praise You (hallelujah) anyhow (anyhow)
Come what may (hallelujah), I’ll still say (anyhow)Hallelujah (hallelujah) anyhow (anyhow)Oh (hallelujah)Through trials and tribulations (anyhow-ow)Hallelujah (hallelujah), oh (anyhow)When life’s troubles (hallelujah), come my way (anyhow)I’ll (hallelujah), I’ll lift my hands and say (anyhow)I will bless the Lord at all timesAnd His praises shall be in my mouth (anyhow)
You got to trust in the LordTrust in the Lord foreverHe is the everlasting rockHe is the everlasting rock(Anyhow) whoa be not wearyBe not weary in well-doingFor you shall reap, but you cannot faint (anyhow)His timing is perfect (hallelujah)He is gonna perform (hallelujah)He’s gonna make it good (hallelujah)Anyhow-ow (anyhow-ow)
Woah Jesus, I trust You(Anyhow-ow)
Going through pain (yeah), going through embarrassment (yeah)Ooh, my soul still says y’all(Anyhow)Which way down, find you a hallelujah (yeah)He that hath begun a good workIs faithful to perform it (anyhow-ow)From the rising of the sun (yeah)To the going down of the sameHe is worthyHallelujah (hallelujah), yeahSay hallelujah (hallelujah), anyhow (anyhow-ow)
For I reckon (hallelujah) that the sufferings of this present timeAre not worthy (hallelujah) to be compared (anyhow-ow)With the glory (oh) that shall be revealedIt’s gonna be revealedIt’s gonna be revealed (anyhow-ow)(Anyhow) any-any-anyhow (anyhow, anyhow-ow)Hallelujah (hallelujah)Hallelujah (hallelujah)Hallelujah (hallelujah)Hallelujah (hallelujah)Hallelujah (hallelujah)Hallelujah, anyhow (anyhow)
This anyhowThere’s a cry from Your childrenAnyhow-ow (anyhow-ow)Oh my God
Hallelujah (hallelujah), hallelujah (hallelujah)This is my response (yeah) forever (anyhow)Hallelujah (hallelujah), HallelujahHallelujah (hallelujah), anyhow (anyhow)Anyhow (anyhow)Anyhow (anyhow)Somebody oughta declare (anyhow)Anyhow (anyhow-ow)
Anyhow (anyhow-ow)
Let the band play(Ha-lle-lu-jah, ha-lle-lu-jah)
Anyhow (anyhow-ow)
Whatever state I’m in, I’ve learned to be contentFor we know that all things work together for good

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